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Hand Carved Signs

Not a sign guy who also carves, but a sculptor who also carves signs by hand.

Kevin VanHentenryck has been producing the finest Hand Carved Signs available in Stone, Wood, and High Density Urethane, since 1980.  VanHentenryck specializes in sculptural signs-

“Not only do I offer standard Carved Signs, I also offer one-of-a-kind sculptures that function as a sign, also raised panel signs-where a portion of the sign actually floats above the surface of the sign.  We also offer carved stone signs that will last forever, both natural, and painted, or gold leaf.”   

Hand Carved Signs: Welcome
VanWinkles, HDU
Greene Mountain View Inn, HDU
The Enclave, Guilded Bluestone
Town of Hunter, HDU (Before paint)
Town of Hunter, HDU
Pretzel Haus, HDU (Raised Panel)
Village Market, Wood (Before paint)
Village Market, Wood
Mountain Top Historical Society, HDU
Washington Irving Inn, HDU (Before paint)
Washington Irving Inn, HDU
Stone House Marker, Bluestone
Marigold, HDU
Country Suite, HDU
Hunter Library, HDU
Bloodgood, Gilded Bluestone
Hand Carved Signs: Gallery
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