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Westkill Notch, Bluestone
Mary, Limestone front.JPG
Mary, Limestone rear.JPG
16 Dream, Wood
A 16 Dream, Ash Wood
Relic, Late 20th Century, Believed to Have Had Religious Significance, Granite
Stone of Inner Questioning, Bluestone
Body/Soul, Granite, 1982 (Stolen! If you have any information, contact me.)
Ayoch, Limestone
Half Bowl, Limestone
All the Kings Horse's, Limestone
Mary, Bluestone (Installed at the Unison Arts Center)
She, Limestone
Praying Hands, Limestone
The Kiss, HDU
Spirit of the Mountains, HDU (Study, Unfinished)
Mary, HDU
Don't Look Back, Bluestone
Atlas's Studio Assistant, Oak
Crescent Moon, Limestone
Cause of Death, found objects
Cousin' Rip, Limestone
Carved Business Card Holders, Stone
Oak Leaf, Limestone
Vulcan, Limestone
Always Wear Your Personal Safety Gear
Exit, Bluestone
Sculpture: Welcome
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